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Buffett and Beyond ETF and Individual Stock Database

Each ETF, index or mutual fund contains both good, above-average stocks and also the not so good, below-average growing stocks.  Our premium professional subscription for just $229.95 per month includes all the information and stock analysis that you need to construct portfolios that outperform almost all ETFs, indices and funds most all of the time.  If you want to differentiate yourself from all the other ETF investors and money managers out there in investment land, you must be able to outperform any ETF.  In order to outperform any ETF, you must be able to identify the best and fastest-growing stocks in that ETF.  If you not only invest but also trade ETFs, you may as well trade the best stocks in that ETF.

Here’s what an a subscription package will mean for you.  Remember, we have a 22 year track record following our strategies

  • You will be able to differentiate yourself from every other advisor in your area.

  • You can have you own website which will contain links to our videos so that you are able to stay in constant contact with your clients at the click of a button.

  • You will become associated with the original stock selection filter of the greatest investor of all time.

  • You may use our 22+ year track record showing how this investing strategy has outperformed the S&P 500 almost 3 to 1 on a compounded basis over this time frame.

  • You will have access to potential clients throughour marketing tools including our  book (1st and 2nd Ed.), “Buffett and Beyond” published by Wiley Publishing.

  • You’re own site can be linked to all 3 of our weekly videos so your clients will understand and appreciate the investment philosophy which has worked so well over the past quarter of a century.

  • You will of course receive alerts prior to any changes prior to any changes we are considering changing within any of our portfolios.

  • You will receive a weekly (Saturday) video newsletter describing the market, our stock of the week analysis and our on-going returns as well as update of our portfolio insurance for those of you who choose to insure your portfolio.

  • You will receive a weekly (Saturday) Stock Market update which is very popular with our present subscribers.

  • You will receive timely alerts when to purchase insurance for your portfolio and also how to pay for that insurance. 

  • You will receive timely alerts (daily Repositioning letter) when to add to positions in your portfolio based upon our 30 year history of technical analysis.



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