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We’ll teach you the greatest investment method ever, but you’ll have to figure out the living part all by yourself. 

We have all the tools you will ever need in order to develop your own superior performing portfolio that will allow you to outperform 96% of professional money managers over the long term.

What they are saying about Clean Surplus

…about the Method of Investing:

“An excellent approach to developing predictability and a successful portfolio. The results certainly speak for themselves. I just wish I would have known about this method of stock selection 20 years ago because I would have been richer than Buffett himself. - M.D. CPA, Miami, Florida.

…about the seminar:

“I’ve been to every seminar ever given. This seminar has raised the bar to a new height and sets a standard that can only be dreamed about by other lecturers.” - Retired Money Manager, Delray Beach, Florida.

…about the book:

“Dr. Belmonte’s book will set a new standard for investing. The Clean Surplus method must be used by anyone expecting to consistently beat the averages.” - S.H. CFP, RIA, Ocean Ridge, Florida.

Dr. Joseph Belmonte is the World’s foremost expert on the continuing research and practical application of Clean Surplus.
Clean Surplus is the only extensively tested method able to truly compare the operating efficiency of one company to the operating efficiency of any other company just the way you would compare returns from one bank to another bank.
Clean Surplus allows portfolio creation of the most efficient companies which research has shown consistently outperform the market averages.
Warren Buffett is known to use this method and Dr. Belmonte, through his research, book, courses and seminars, takes Buffett’s methods and Clean Surplus one giant step BEYOND…

Buffett & Beyond Book